Legacy Giving

Thank you for thinking of leaving a gift to Britten Sinfonia in your Will.

It is only with the generous support of individuals that we are able to undertake such ambitious and far reaching programmes.

What your gift will achieve

Whether it’s nurturing young talent and supporting musical development programmes in schools, communities, and those with Special Needs and Disabilities that interests you, or supporting the main orchestra to perform challenging and exciting repertoire in the UK and internationally. You can be certain that a legacy gift will play a vital role in supporting the orchestra and future musicians.

How to leave us a gift in your will

Leaving a legacy gift to Britten Sinfonia is an important, but not complicated decision. Here’s how to do it:

  1. State in your will that you would like to make a gift to us
    We recommend using a solicitor or professional Will writer to make sure your Will is legal and valid. If you have already written a Will, you can make a Note of Amendment or a Codicil.
  2. Include our full name and charity number
    To make sure the money goes to the right place please use the following details: Britten Sinfonia Ltd, 13 Sturton Street, Cambridge, CB1 2SN. Registered Charity Number: 291245.
  3. Unrestricted giving or a gift towards specific activities
    We would ask that you consider supporting our core operational costs through unrestricted funds. However if you want your gift to support a specific aspect of our work, please contact our Development Team for more information about the options available; 01223 300 795 or nick.brealey@brittensinfonia.com (Development Director).
  4. If you write us into your Will:
    Firstly, we are extremely grateful. Secondly, we’d love it if you could let us know.

What types of gift can you leave?

There are three main types of gift you can leave us in your Will, shown below. For inheritance tax purposes, because Britten Sinfonia is a registered charity, any donation you make will be deducted from your estate prior to inheritance tax being calculated.

  1. A share of your estate
    After you have made provision for your family and friends, you can leave a share of the remainder of your estate to us. This is known as a ‘residuary gift’.
  2. A specific sum
    This is when you leave a specified sum of money to us. This is known as a ‘pecuniary gift’.
  3. Gift of asset
    Assets, such as stocks and shares, may be gifted in a Will. Asset gifts to charities are Inheritance Tax exempt.

Thank you for your support, with your help Britten Sinfonia will be able to drive musical and artistic excellence in the UK for ours and future generations.


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