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At Lunch One 2017-18

Programme to include:

Sarah Kirkland Snider

Pale as Centuries

OPUS2017 Winner

New work (world premiere tour)

Judd Greenstein

City Boy

Nik Bärtsch

New work (world premiere tour)


Nik Bärtsch’s music was praised by The New York Times for blending ‘post-modernism with a precision groove honed in the spirit of James Brown’. As curator, Bärtsch has set his latest work alongside works by Sarah Kirkland Snider, Judd Greenstein and the winner of OPUS2017, Britten Sinfonia’s competition for unpublished composers.

Support Nik Bärtsch’s new work through Britten Sinfonia’s Musically Gifted scheme.

We are currently accepting applications to OPUS2017, Britten Sinfonia’s competition for unpublished composers are now open. Find out more.

Wigmore Hall – Pre Concert Talk, 12.15pm
Nik Bärtsch and the OPUS2017 winner talk to Dr Kate Kennedy about their new works.

This concert is part of the 2017 EFG London Jazz Festival.

Wigmore Hall, London

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