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James (ze/zir/they/them) is one of the composers selected for our Opus 1 scheme for 2023. Here they take the Opus 1 Q&A challenge.

How did you get into composing?

Through listening to the music of the spheres, as an antidote to the fragmentation of being demanded by capitalism, in recovery from depression I sing the endless procession of innumerable spirits coursing through my head. “Like crystal, like metal and many other substances, I am a sonorous being.”

What sort of music do you like to write?

That which tears at flesh, that which crashes as a wave across all of one’s organs; at the point where the gestures my hand, subtending the page, come to me unbidden, intertwining with my world-earth-home. “Write your self. Your body must be heard.”

What excites you most about being part of Opus 1?

To be a truffle, to travel along mycorrhizal networks, to communicate — whatever that entails — with composer and performer odd-kin, to be entangled and make with the other-other.

What 3 pieces of music would you have to have on your desert island?

1. In Particular by Blonde Redhead — to work through the angsty ennui of being trapped.
2. Deep Listening by the Deep Listening Band — to facilitate my inevitable descent into the silent madness of the universe.
3. A cat’s purring — ideally with cat attached.

What's the best snack?

100% chocolate bar — dark and bitter like my soul.

About James

James writes music under the name Morgaine Rire. Find out more at their website.

James Redelinghuys: Poetic Biography (from

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