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“My old heart only ever said tick tock,” said the Robot, “but now my heart is singing”

This heart-warming book tells the tale of a robot with a broken heart who gives his remaining strength to save the life of a little bird and rediscovers his life purpose.

Based on the children’s book written and illustrated by David Lucas, with specially created animations by Victor Craven and a jazz influenced score by Raphael Clarkson (performed by a presenter and a quintet or 12-piece ensemble of Britten Sinfonia musicians), this show is suitable for all ages and designed especially for children aged 4 to 7.

As well as watching the animations and hearing the music, the performance will also introduce the children to live instruments with the chance to join in with singing, body percussion, and a guided moment of calm.


We have produced a resource pack for teachers which will help you teach the songs to your pupils as well as giving some ideas for further activities to get the most out of the performance.

You can download the resource pack here and watch our Learn the Songs videos with Sheena (presenter) here. The Learn the Songs playlist also includes videos where you can meet the composer, author, and animator and learn more about what they do, as well as some instrument demonstrations by our players.

Learn the Songs - Intro Video

Follow our video playlist to learn the songs with Britten Sinfonia and Sheena Masson, presenter

Where can I see The Robot and The Bluebird?

We will be starting out with a tour of schools in partnership with Peterborough Music Hub, followed by family performances throughout the East of England in summer 2024 – keep an eye on our social media for details.

You can also email the team at to enquire about booking a performance in your area.